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Did you know that over a million cars are stolen in the US every year? While these occurrences pose as a grave concern for vehicle owners, it is a fact that they can keep their cars safe by following a few ground rules. No, you don’t need to be tech savvy or practice elaborate methods; all you have to do is keep the following tips from our Bay Area mobile patrol team in mind.

3 Tips to Prevent Your Vehicle From Being Stolen

1. Never fail to take the basic precautions

You might be busier than a bee, but you can never be busy enough to not follow these quick and easy precautionary steps:

  • This might sound obvious, but start by locking your doors. The additional time taken to break-in might just discourage the thief to go away.
  • Never keep your valuables in sight when you’re stepping out of the car. Sometimes, all these thieves look for are laptops, phones, wallets, and other expensive equipment inside of the car.
  • Don’t forget to turn on the car alarm before going away. Bonus point: paste a sticker of the alarm on the window so that the thief knows your vehicle is protected.

2. Put immobilization devices to good use

You can’t trust the door lock alone to protect your vehicle; you need devices such as pedal lock and steering wheel clubs to up the ante. Immobilization devices like the steering wheel club can make your car undriveable by putting a restrictive range of motion on the steering wheel.

Also, lock your pedal using a pedal lock, which makes sure that the gas pedals and brakes are securely locked in together. This should make it impossible for the thief to take off with your car as the brakes will get automatically applied when they push for gas.

3. Always park in the right spots

This advice happens to be the one that’s ignored by many. Try and park your vehicle at a monitored parking lot even if you have to pay a small fee. Also, see for parking spaces that are away from lot exits and garages for obvious reasons.

Well lit parking lots are also considered to be safer than lots where there is not much light. Thieves like to work in the dark, and bright lights might discourage them from getting caught in the brightness.

Protect Your Parking Lots From Vehicle Theft With Bay Area Patrol

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