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5 Security Tips From a Palo Alto Security Company

Physical security is critical for the protection of data, networks, equipment, assets, and personnel in the building. It refers to measures taken to guarantee that only authorized personnel have access to resources, assets, and equipment within a facility. A building’s security could be compromised by natural disasters such as floods and fires or by malicious attacks such as theft, sabotage, vandalism, terrorism, and theft.

We discuss the best practices when it comes to a building’s physical security.

1. Identifying potential security threats
This is the first step towards developing an effective physical security plan. You will need to look into factors such as:

  • The activities that take place in the building
  • The building’s location
  • Third parties that have access to your building
  • The number of people working in the building
  • What time people will be arriving or leaving the building
  • The risks associated with physical assets and equipment you hold

2. Coming up with and enforcing strong security policies
Once you evaluate the above factors, you need to come up with a customized security policy. For instance, you may need to engage a San Jose security guard company to complement your surveillance system if a huge number of people have access to your building.

3. Provision of adequate training
The building’s physical security should not be left up to the surveillance system and the security guards. Providing adequate security training to employees as well as those in the upper management helps create awareness on the threats they face and how they should respond to each.

4. Put in place access control measures
This is an effective way of guaranteeing that only authorized individuals gain access to your building and restricted work areas. Orion Security, a Palo Alto physical security company, also provides alarm systems and modern security monitoring systems that remotely alert you should anything suspicious take place in your building.

5. Develop an emergency plan
Although you may have implemented whichever physical security measures at your disposal, attacks could still occur. An emergency plan clearly outlines what should happen in case of such. For instance, employees should be taught on what emergency procedures to observe should they be faced with an active threat such as a mass shooter.

Bay Area Security Guards Make Homes and Businesses Safer

Even with the advancement of technology and its ability to improve security efficiency, it would be wrong to overlook physical security. By implementing the above best practices, a building’s manager will avoid physical security pitfalls in the future. They will also be able to prevent tragedies before they happen. If you are interested in learning more, contact Orion Security anytime!

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