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Security Tips for Apartment and Office Buildings

Is your building secure enough with only a CCTV system in place? Probably not. Data from the U.S. Department of Justice indicates that a building without an alarm system is four times more likely to be broken into. While the absence of an alarm system is a potential security loophole, other security mistakes can put your building at greater risk.

In this post, we discuss 7 security mistakes your building might probably be making.

1. Failure to enforce ID requirements rules – Whether it is a residential building or a business, it is vital that visitors identify themselves. This helps in controlling access.

2. Focusing on aesthetics rather than security – Most business owners prefer aesthetics over security. While it is good to have a stunning landscape to complement your building’s architectural design, do not let it be at the detriment of your property’s security. You might be forced to cut down on the shrubbery and install security systems that stick out and ‘spoil’ your building’s design.

3. Installing complicated security systems – A security system is quite a huge investment. Nevertheless, if your security personnel do not comprehend how it works, it will be of little or of no use as it will be underutilized. Have your security personnel trained on how the solution you’ve implemented works. In some instances, a Palo Alto physical security company could be your best option.

4. Failing to secure all entrances – Every entrance into your building can be breached if not well secured. Unfortunately, most people ignore some entrances such as emergency exits. While all entrances should be fitted with security video systems, engaging a San Jose security guard company adds to your building’s security.

5. Choosing a security solution based on price – There are quite a number of security companies in San Jose. Rather than focusing on the price each offers, have sufficient knowledge about the solutions they offer and how satisfied their clients are.

6. Overdoing security – This is quite a common problem especially as a result of the dynamic security solutions. Most security system solutions are quite costly and installing too many could mean that you are wasting money. Therefore, always consult a professional when installing a security system so that you do not end up overdoing it.

7. Failing to secure critical rooms – Although securing the entire building is critical, there are rooms within the building that need an additional layer of security. Such could include computer server rooms or rooms where critical documents are stored. Implementing security systems such as biometric access systems in such rooms could be the best security solution.

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