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Executive Protection and Security Professionals

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An executive professional is a trained bodyguard who possess the skill to protect high profile or executive individuals such as business or corporate executives. This person’s main role is to protect these individuals from life-threatening situations and emergencies. If you are looking to hire a professional protection expert, then here are some of the key attributes that you should be on the lookout for.

Military Training and Experience

Because you will be hiring a bodyguard mainly for protection, it is advantageous that the person you will be hiring has some police, military, or protection experience. An individual who has this kind of experience can quickly adapt to not only work with you but also will perform their duties efficiently.

Exceptional Writing Skills

Good writing skill is something that you should look for in an executive protection profession. This is important because they will constantly be dealing with memos, reports, and other written material. They should be able to write in simple, flawless and grammatically correct English.

Excellent Communication Skills

A great executive protection professional should possess proper communication skills, be able to communicate verbally, and with the use of gestures. Furthermore, the professional should be able to communicate accurately, eloquently, confidently and effectively.

Good Decision-Making Skills and Good Judgment

A suitable executive protection professional should have the skills of dealing with an attack against you or any of your assets. To be able to act swiftly and handle these situations, they should have an excellent sense of judgment. Hiring a bodyguard who has a weak sense of judgment can be dangerous because in a tense situation such a person could be confused or too slow to react.

Great Driving Skills

An executive protection expert should be lawfully authorized to drive a car and possess a valid driver’s license. The professional should also possess offensive driving skills and should be able to save lives, especially during a crisis.

Computer Literacy

It is important that the executive professional has basic computer skills and be able to search for any information that is required. Additionally, they should also be able to manage, create, and transfer computer files to the client.

Sound Health and Fitness

Despite the fact that possessing extremely huge muscles can easily intimidate people, it is not necessarily a priority. However, the executive protection expert must be healthy. Furthermore, they should be physically and mentally fit while dressing smart at all times.

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