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Alarm Response For Local Businesses

Installing surveillance cameras in the workplace offers a good return on investment. Proper security patrol through video surveillance systems can not only protect a business from break-ins, but can also help provide a safe environment for working. Read on to find out more.

Observing Workflow

Investing in surveillance cameras can help business owners keep an eye on employees and whether they are actually working through their shift. This video monitoring is not just meant for recording company theft but can also help business owners take all the necessary measures for improving the efficiency of the workforce. Business owners in the retail industry, for example, can use such monitoring to find out the operational model of their companies and find ways to make it better.

In-house Theft

The U.S. Department of Commerce asserts that approximately 75 percent of employees commit theft. A foolproof way to catch such employees red-handed is through video surveillance. If the employees are conscious of the being monitored they will not want to risk being caught.

Lower Insurance Expenses

Several insurance providers give discounts on insurance rates to business owners who install surveillance cameras in the workplace. If a business owner is looking to lower their insurance premium expenses, it would be advisable to opt for investing in a reliable outdoor or indoor surveillance system to convince the insurance provider of the importance one gives to protecting business from burglary.

Averting Trivial Lawsuits

No one likes to be dragged to court for a fake injury lawsuit claim by a discontent employee. Installing security cameras can save business owners from such trivial lawsuit claims. Installation of surveillance monitors can also help business owners protect the integrity of their business in cases when employees or customers engage in physical fights.

Extra Security

It is important to remember that protecting your employees is as necessary as the safekeeping of company assets. Mounting security cameras in entrances, parking lots and exits can add to the security of the workplace, especially after dark. It can also help avoid minor crimes such as vandalism and break-ins around the premises, something that reassures employees and helps them stay focused on work.

Our Bay Area Security Company Can Help

Business owners can use security cameras not only to identify criminals, but also to prevent incidents from taking place at the business. Orion Security is a Bay Area security company that you can count on for dependable surveillance, mobile patrol, and security guard personnel. Orion Security is also one of the leading Bay Area security companies offering top quality surveillance cameras with alarm response for security patrol. Contact us online today for a quote.

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