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Security Tips for Apartment and Office Buildings

If you’re a landlord or a manager of an apartment complex, security is almost certainly one of your biggest concerns. You want to make sure that your tenants are safe and that crime is kept to an absolute minimum. Having some reliable Santa Clara security guards at the complex may even increase your property’s value and attract more residents. If you want to make sure that your complex remains secure for the new year, consider these six tips.

  1. Install Lighting

Simply having a well-lit apartment complex and parking lot will go a long way towards keeping everything safe. Better lighting means better visibility, which will make it much harder for someone to break into vehicles or assault residents without getting caught. It’s a simple solution to deter crime, but it is also one of the most effective.

  1. Have a Security Company Perform a Security Assessment

If you’re serious about making your apartment complex more secure this year, hire someone to perform a security assessment. Professionals from Palo Alto security companies can inspect your property, determine where the most vulnerable areas are, and make suggestions on how to improve security overall.

  1. Install a New Video Surveillance System

A surveillance system is a great way to both deter crime on your property and provide evidence to the police when a crime is committed. You should absolutely install security cameras on your property if you haven’t already, but you might want to consider an upgrade if you have an older system in place. You will need to make sure that all of your equipment is operational and that every area of your apartment complex is visible to your cameras.

  1. Hire Security Guards

Hiring some Santa Clara security guards is a great way to make your residents feel safer. Security guards who regularly patrol your apartment complex or stay posted at the front entrance can deter crime, provide evidence to the police when a crime is committed or reported, or even intervene on behalf of your residents when there is a problem.

  1. Install an Access Control System

Although having locks on doors will keep them safe most of the time, most large apartment complexes need more than that to remain secure. Access cards are generally more secure than keys if only because they are harder to duplicate. They can also be deactivated easily when a tenant moves out. A good San Jose security guard company can provide you with this kind of access control system if you’re ready for an update.

  1. Encourage Community Among Your Residents

One way that you can keep your residents safe that costs next to nothing is to encourage all of them to get to know each other. Hold special community events that encourage your residents to socialize with one another, welcome new residents, and encourage them to talk to each other whenever they can. Neighbors who become friends will be more likely to look out for one another, and residents who all know each other will be able to recognize intruders and other unwanted guests.

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