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Understanding Unsafe Situations with Help from a Professional Security Company

Bay Area Security Guard Company Can Help

As a security company we take safety very seriously. We train our security patrol to be quick and effective at responding to threats, especially those related to the high-tech, commercial, retail, mall and industrial industries. But despite our comprehensive safety services, even the most sophisticated companies can’t follow people home, and having a trained team of security guards on patrol 24/7 isn’t a luxury most people can afford.

This doesn’t mean you have to be unsafe however. With some advice from security guard companies and by taking the appropriate precautionary measures you can do a lot to stay out of harm’s way. The following tips are simple, yet effective ways you can use to maintain your personal safety at any location.

  1. If you plan to stay out late, know how you will get home. If you are going to a part of town that is unfamiliar, have a copy of printed out or written directions on hand in case you experience technical issues with your GPS or mobile device.
  2. Prepare before consuming alcohol. If attending a gathering that serves alcohol, drink plenty of water and have food in your stomach before consuming a beverage. This will lessen the likelihood of you getting drunk. A designated driver who will abstain from alcohol and drive you home is also a great way to avoid drunk or “buzzed” driving, which endangers your safety as well as legally if you should be pulled over by security patrol or police.
  3. Never leave a drink unattended. Doing so leaves you susceptible to having your drink spiked, especially if there are people at the party that you do not know.
  4. Charge your cellphone. Charge all mobile devices beforehand to avoid not having a working phone at the end of a night (when you might need it most). Also keep a spare charger in your car in case of emergencies.
  5. Riding public transit. If you use public transportation to get home, sit near the bus driver, or make sure you stay in a train, trolley, etc. that is fully occupied by people.
  6. Let your friends know where you are heading. Always leave a destination with a friend or group of people, especially at night.
  7. Never walk home alone at night. In the rare occasion that you have to, stick to well-lit streets, busy roads, main roads and footpaths. Avoid areas that are dimly lit.
  8. Entering your home. When you arrive home at night, always leave your headlights on until you have unlocked the garage door or unlocked the front door.
  9. Getting dropped off. If using a taxi or designated driver to get home, ask the driver to wait until you enter your home before leaving.
  10. Leave yourself a lighted entrance. Always leave outside lights on outside after dark, or install motion-activated lights outside.
  11. Let someone you trust know your plans. Let a trusted friend, roommate or neighbor know where you are headed for the night and when to expect you home.
  12. Avoid being alone in unfamiliar locations. It is best to avoid visiting unfamiliar places alone as well as confined, hidden, or private places.

Security guard companies train their employees how to be attentive and aware of their surroundings, whether or not they are on duty. You may not be a security guard, but knowing how to avoid unsafe situations is just as important. Consider these tips next time you go out to avoid or limit potentially harmful situations.

Security Guard Companies Understand How Best to Protect You

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