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Holiday Physical Security For Your Business

The holiday rush will likely bring a lot of people to your business. While most of those people will be welcome, paying customers, some may be shoplifters, vandals, or other people who do not have your business’s best interests in mind. But you don’t have to passively wait for crime to strike. Bay Area security guard companies recommend the following strategies for keeping your business and its employees safe during the holidays.

Check Up on Security Measures

A good first step is to make sure any security measures you already have in place are in good working order. This goes from door and window locks to alarm systems and cameras. For your digital systems, you’ll also want to have working cyber protection installed.

Train Your Employees

The end-of-year retail surge may put your employees in situations they haven’t encountered before. You can prepare them by training them ahead of time. For instance, they should know how to properly store any extra inventory, what to do if a suspicious individual arrives, and who they should and should not let in and out of the business. If they will be opening or closing the store for an atypical period of time, they should also know how to prepare the space for extended use or disuse.

Figure Out Staffing and Hours in Advance

During the holidays, businesses may change hours, whether extending them to take advantage of customers’ eagerness or reducing them to honor staff members’ vacation time. Either way, you should know in advance which workers will be available to man the store so that you don’t end up with an understaffed business, which presents a security risk. And if you’re working with a business like a San Francisco security company to protect your establishment, it’s always helpful to let them know about deviations in hours and staffing.

Stay Thorough

Exhaustion and repetition associated with the holidays can make it easy to become complacent, but it’s important to stay thorough. A helpful measure can be making a security checklist that you or your employees follow each day, covering elements like locking doors and securing inventory.

Consider a Bay Area Security Company

Want to get expert advice on your business’s safety protocols? San Jose security patrol companies like Orion Security are standing by to help. Whether you’re figuring out a plan or already know what you want, it’s easy to get in touch to start the process.

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