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How Security Guards and Cybersecurity Work Together

Let’s face it. Cybersecurity is vital! Such is its prominence and importance that hardly a day goes by before it gets mentioned on National news whether it is about cyber terrorism, national government vulnerabilities, or massive data hacks on large corporations. It is this importance that leads to numerous businesses spending significant resources on provisions such as encryption software to safeguard their data and IT systems (and correctly so, to add).

Unfortunately, however, while cybersecurity receives much of the hype, there is yet another security aspect which although less heeded, is equally as important–Physical Security.

Why Physical Security is Important:

Physical security represents all (security) aspects and approaches designed to safeguard hardware-level compromise of a machine and also encompass the physical location of the machinery, as well as its operating environment. Usually, it involves the use of distinct tools and measures such as alarms, gates, surveillance footage, not to mention necessary personnel.

The importance of physical security is perhaps significantly vital since firms can successfully safeguard assets, such as servers and IT infrastructure, which otherwise form the basis of their operations or store critical/sensitive information.

Simple Tips to Boost Physical Security:

Monitor Your Systems and Their Location

Video surveillance cameras are an important component of physical security. Not only do they identify possible threats as they unfold, but also facilitate forensic reviewing of incidents. These cameras are most effective when installed at a site’s entry points as well as in key areas like data centers. Most importantly, you will need to record and retain the video feeds usually with a live monitor with personnel trained such as Bay Area security guards to operate and keep constant watch over them.

Intrusion Detection and Alarm Response Systems

Physical security has multiple facets and the use of intrusion detection and alarm response systems is also another integral part of physical security. Alarm responses will help discourage intruders, and in case they show up, they ensure the authorities, or guards respond on time if the alarm keeps at it.

Before you purchase and subsequently install either, consult an accredited alarm specialist or go to a reputable Physical Security Company to help you select, purchase, install, and subsequently maintain the systems that best suit you.

Guard the Most Important Places, like Data/Server Rooms:

Monitoring access to and guarding the most crucial physical spaces (where you house crucial information) such as the Server rooms is vital in safeguarding data security from tampering or even destruction.

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