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Every business needs some level of security. Though specific security requirements will vary from company to company, there are some basic security measures that will provide a helpful level of monitoring and safety for your business and its employees, customers, and property.

Set Up Security Checkpoints

Security checkpoints are a great first step toward keeping your business safe. Making a security checkpoint the first thing a visitor sees when they reach your business in person shows visitors that your business does not take security lightly.

Security checkpoints can screen visitors and keep track of when they arrive and leave. Depending on a business’s requirements and the image it wishes to project, security checkpoints can be monitored by a range of personnel, from receptionists to uniformed security guards.

Install Security Cameras

Any San Jose security company will tell you that security cameras are a great complement to other security measures. If they are visible, they can serve as a deterrent, and if they’re discreet, they can catch troublemakers unaware of their presence. Either way, they can record the activities of individuals on your business’s premises.

Train Your Employees

While you can expect San Jose security guards to be well-versed in matters of safety, your business’s employees will likely benefit from some level of security training. For example, you can train your employees to know what to do if they spot an unauthorized visitor and how to handle items such as photo IDs and access cards.

Take Care of Your Premises

Beyond training, you can also help your employees stay safe by making sure areas such as the parking lot are well lit. (Your customers will thank you for that as well.) Another helpful measure is to set up an area with supplies like a first aid kit where people can gather in the event of an emergency.

Consult a Professional San Jose Security Company

You don’t need to tackle your business’s security on your own. For help coming up with and implementing a security plan, don’t hesitate to turn to a Santa Clara physical security company like Orion Security. And if your business already has a plan, a security company can test it and let you know if it’s working well enough for your needs. Contact us here anytime.

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