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Bay Area Security Company Discusses Small Business Security

According to Cisco’s SMB Cybersecurity Report, small businesses are highly susceptible to phishing attacks, ransomware, denial-of-service attacks, among other online threats.
In spite of the imminent online threats, physical security is equally important. You need to protect your assets, property, and employees by creating an effective security plan in the following ways:

1. Assess your threats
Most small businesses operate on a tight budget. This makes it important to know exactly what you need before you go ahead and buy. Most Palo Alto security companies will be willing to undertake risk assessment session on your small business to help you narrow down your focus. When assessing your threats, you need to establish the potential impact each will have on your business.

2. Add surveillance
Video security surveillance is quite helpful when it comes to your business’s physical security. Apart from averting potential burglars, it can help document a theft or robbery. This will help build up a case against the offender. Plan to have surveillance cameras in areas such as entrances, the storage closets, back office, and areas where security could be threatened. Most Bay Area alarm response companies provide video surveillance products and services aside from the alarms.

3. Install secure locks
Doors leading to rooms where sensitive information or expensive equipment are stored should be secured with high-security locks. In case these are stored in rooms where customer and staff traffic is high, you can use locked cabinets or drawers. Locks that are not working should be repaired or replaced immediately. Better yet, implementing a keyless system helps you have better control of who moves in and out of your business.

4. Prepare for emergencies
Even with the heaviest security, your business is still susceptible to security threats. Being prepared helps minimize the impact that such will have on your business. Come up with an emergency security plan which outlines how your employees should react to a threat. Also, make sure that each of your employees has your business’s safety policy document. Apart from reviewing it regularly, be sure to update the employees should you make any changes.

5. Schedule regular security audits
Although they are a big undertaking, regular security audits will help you know where your security weaknesses are. They will also help you know how well your Santa Clara security guard company is working and where they may need to improve.

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If you operate a small business in the Bay Area, and its surrounding areas, Orion Security is ready to help you out with your physical security. We will help you come up with a physical security plan that suits your specific needs. Contact us online today.

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