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How to Be Your Own Security Guard by Staying Alert and Being Observant

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No matter where you are — or what time of the day or night it is — be aware of your surroundings. This mindful presence to your environment can be the difference between life or death if an emergency arises. In today’s distracted and technology-centered world, most people find it all too easy to zone out or lose concentration, especially when cell phones, computers, or TVs are nearby. Luckily, alertness is a skill that can be learned and refined, so consider these expert tips from security guards to increase your level of alertness.

When you walk into a room, give it a quick scan with your eyes and ears. Keep your head up and your eyes open, and keep a mental roster of the people surrounding you and be mindful of the location of entries and exits.

If you’re walking down a street, a quick glance at a reflective surface will keep your mind alert to people behind you.

For more advanced training, such as that employed at a professional security company, practice cataloging observations in your head. Look at your surroundings, and make note of things like colors and models of cars, how many passengers are inside, etc. When passing people on the street, look at the people walking by you, and try to remember distinguishing features.

You can even test your memory at home by closing your eyes and trying to visualize every detail of a room.

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