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Bay Area Home Security Tips

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Here’s a frightening fact: burglaries occur at a rate of one home every 15 seconds. Can an effective Bay Area security company help reduce the odds that your home will be next?

In addition to exploring professional customized solutions, consider adopting several of these protective measures to avoid costly, damaging, and scary burglary experiences:

  • Install an alarm system. When someone breaks in, you need to know the authorities are on their way. Test a new system’s alarm response before making a commitment. The response time includes the time for a signal to move from your home to a security company and appear on an operator’s screen. Look for response times of 15 seconds or less.
  • Close the blinds when you leave. This easy protection measure prevents crimes of opportunity. Any potential burglar who sees an item of value within easy reach could break in, grab an item, and get away quickly. Keep window treatments closed to remove the temptation.
  • Use motion sensors. Light offers an incredible advantage to homeowners. Intruders may not stick around if they see a lit up house. Ask security companies about comprehensive security systems that include a combination of motion sensing, alarm, and recording systems to protect your home.
  • Protect with Plexiglas. Your front door’s glass provides intruders with an easy way inside. Line the windows with Plexiglas to keep intruders from breaking your glass and gaining entry.

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