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Security Tips From a Santa Clara Security Company

Some security issues are obvious, while others can sneak up on your organization. The focus of this article is on security risks that may be harder to spot or, in some paradoxical instances, so commonplace that they come off as normal rather than a security threat. By the end, you’ll have a sense of what your company may be overlooking.

Devices Left Behind

Unfortunately, it’s common for employees to leave devices like iPads and laptops sitting around in the workplace. This may seem harmless in most cases, but all it takes is one unauthorized visitor to wreak havoc via theft. Misfortune can also strike outside the workplace. For example, if an employee takes a company iPad off the premises but leaves it visible in their car, it will be a tempting target for thieves. Therefore, any Bay Area security company will recommend coaching your employees on best practices for securing company devices.

Vulnerable Reception Areas

Reception areas can be ripe for security breaches, too. Examples of vulnerabilities include passwords written on paper and left on reception desks. Computer monitors that are visible to visitors pose a risk as well. Make sure your business’s reception areas don’t display more information than intended.

Untracked Visitors

Ensuring that visitors check in and check out of your building might not seem like a big deal, but it’s actually quite important. Think of it this way: Would you let someone into your home without verifying who they are?

If your business doesn’t already have check-in and check-out procedures in place for visitors, it’s time to set them up. To provide even more protection from unwanted guests, consider hiring a Santa Clara security patrol.

Unlocked Doors and Computers

It’s critical that employees know to lock doors that lead to areas with sensitive information or valuable goods. If an unauthorized visitor or disgruntled employee wants to wreak havoc or steal, then unlocked doors make their job much easier.

Employees should also be coached to lock their computers with passwords when not in use. Not doing so practically invites malicious actors to steal information from a computer. (For more cybersecurity tips, check out these guidelines from the FCC.)

Develop Policies

Investing in extra measures like a Bay Area patrol can go a long way toward securing your business. However, it’s also important that security is embedded in your company’s very policies. For instance, employees should know what to do if equipment is stolen: Clear guidelines will help them spend less time fretting and spring into action more quickly.

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