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auto robbery and theft prevention
Automotive theft is not something new to most people, and neither is it an overwhelming situation taking over the country in epidemic proportions. The truth is that car owners have been the unfortunate victims of this type of crime for decades. In fact, the phrase carjacking came up as a result of news media reporting on the issue. However, the term has managed to raise the level of fear to extreme rates whereby everyone feels like they will be the next victim, when in reality; this sort of crime has a low probability of actually happening. The main issue is usually the consequences that it comes with when it actually does happen.

In most cases, automotive suspects use certain criteria to pick out their targets, which usually include people who are unprepared or unaware. Therefore, whether driving or walking to your car, the following explains some of the ways you can help reduce the chances of being the victim of such a crime.

Automotive Robbery Prevention Tactics

  • Try to keep your doors and windows locked, particularly when you are in a new area
  • Whenever you are stopped, make sure you leave some space to maneuver in case you need to escape
  • Driving in the middle lane usually makes it a bit more difficult to become a robbery target
  • Always be wary of strangers approaching your car. If your instincts sense danger, don’t ignore them
  • Keep any valuables in your car out of sight
  • Try to park in garages or lots that are open, have attendants, and are well-lighted
  • Be alert and always take note of your surroundings when walking towards your vehicle and walk with others when possible
  • Approach your car with your key in hand and look inside and around your car before entering
  • In case you believe that you are being followed, immediately drive your vehicle to a police, fire, or sheriff station, and if you can’t, drive to a public and populated area.

A reputable Bay Area security company will tell you that there are various preparatory actions that one can take to avoid becoming the victim of automotive theft. This is why the information provided above is designed to help enhance your personal security, in and outside your vehicle. Also, when it comes to Bay Area physical security, you can never be too prepared, careful, or aware.

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