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Bay Area home security tips

Bay Area Patrol Company Offers Insight

Taking steps to improve your home security is always a prudent investment, and one that can pay off in times of crisis and distress. Don’t shirk the responsibility of keeping your property–and loved ones–safe at home.

Implement these seven simple ways to improve your home security and your peace of mind:

1. Take a Good Look Outside
Does your house look like a good candidate for being burglarized? Take time to look around and identify things like overgrown shrubbery or a clear view inside your home; these elements can make your home a target.

2. Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Valuables should be out of sight and don’t keep large amounts of cash on-hand in the home. Keep expensive cars in the garage and obscure any views into your house. Make sure that you are not putting trash and packaging from expensive goods, like electronics, outside where others can see what you have recently bought.

3. Make Things Look Lived-In
Typically, burglars are looking for homes that are unoccupied. Turn on lights, use remotes, leave on some music- anything that can help make your home look lived-in and occupied. Turn on the AC or television to add to the façade. Setting these things on timers can be an effective component of home security.

4. Get a Smart Doorbell
Invest in something that will always give the illusion that you are home: a smart doorbell. Even if you are far away, you can answer the door using your smartphone or laptop. This ensures that others always believe that you are inside and could deter criminal activity.

5. Upgrade Your Technology
Video surveillance is really the way to go when you want to invest money into your home security system. The major problem is that many homeowners come up short and invest in sub-par systems that have grainy footage and fuzzy pictures that are of no use. If you are serious about home video surveillance, go with a quality system or skip it altogether.

6. Unite with Neighbors
Create a Santa Clara alarm response with the unity and solidarity of others in your neighborhood. There is safety in numbers and engaging your community may be an effective way to deter crime altogether.

7. Invest in a Security System
Deter burglars, trespassers, and intruders with a home security system that features sensors and smart-locks for the home. It is that simple.

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