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Security Tips from a Bay Area Security Company

Stay safe when you go about your day and maintain personal security measures when possible. You- and those you love- can take steps to remain safe in most any situation. Bay Area security professionals offer these practical tips:

1. Keep it locked. Always lock the windows and doors of your home, even upstairs, when you will be sleeping, at work, or hanging out alone.

2. Identify exits. Keep an eye out for exit paths when in public places, which will allow you a swift egress when needed.

3. Seek out others. If you are confronted, asked for help, or offered a ride by a stranger, seek out the closest public establishment, like a store and get away.

4. Keep family informed. Let your family and loved ones know of travel plans and how you can be reached when you are away.

5. Ride alone. Don’t use an elevator with a stranger when by yourself, especially if you get an unsettling feeling from the other passenger. It is best to wait for the next elevator and ride alone, or with a crowd.

6. Lock yourself in. Begin the habit of driving with locked doors to prevent theft and crime.

7. Use caution at ATMs. Be wary using ATMs in secluded areas or after dark. Never stand there and count your money, either.

8. Pay attention. Be aware and alert when walking in parking lots, or to your destination; don’t text or keep your eyes down.

9. Keep valuables close. Keep belongings close and on-you when possible to deter pick-pocketing.

10. Don’t go it alone. Avoid walking alone in sketchy or unfamiliar areas, even when you believe it to be safe.

11. Make eye contact. Look at people that you approach and that are around you when out in public.

12. Hang on to your keys. Keep your car keys in hand when walking from or toward your vehicle; do the same with house keys when approaching your home.

13. Listen up. Don’t wear earbuds or earphones that could hinder your hearing and put you at-risk.

14. Take an inventory. Take a mental inventory of your surroundings, noting details and things that could appear unusual or off-putting.

Contacting a Bay Area Security Company Is Your Safest Bet!

Take some advice from a reputable Bay Area security guard company, Orion Security, and maintain personal safety wherever you go. Prevent circumstances and incidents that could leave you vulnerable to victimization and learn to listen to intuition and your inherent alarm response to avoid potentially dangerous situations. For executive protection on your property, business, or worksite, consider the services of a professional security company to keep you and your visitors, clients, and consumers safe. Contact us online today!

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