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Who is Responsible For Your Business Security Policy?

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San Francisco Security Company Guide To Workplace Security

Security is a big consideration for any organization. Without it, employees and customers won’t feel safe, meaning you may lose both valued team members and the customers you’ve worked so hard to attract. Both employers and employees have a role to play when it comes to making sure a business and the people that help it succeed are safe.

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Are You Overlooking These Security Issues?

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Security Tips From a Santa Clara Security Company

Some security issues are obvious, while others can sneak up on your organization. The focus of this article is on security risks that may be harder to spot or, in some paradoxical instances, so commonplace that they come off as normal rather than a security threat. By the end, you’ll have a sense of what your company may be overlooking.

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How Safe is Your Rental Property?

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Bay Area Patrol Company Offers Insight

If you rent, or if you own a rental, maintaining security for tenants is key. Consider the distinctive safety risks of apartments and rental properties to find the best strategies toward protecting your investment- as well as promoting peace of mind. Minimize risks with the services of a Bay Area Security company.

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Best Places to Install Security Lighting

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Security Lighting Placement Tips From a Santa Clara Security Company

Security lights are quite a successful burglary deterrent. They help to scare off intruders as well as provide your surveillance system with sufficient lighting. Outdoor lighting also adds to your home’s aesthetic appeal and its overall value by accentuating its features. However, your security lights need to be strategically placed if they are to be effective. Some of the best places to install your security lighting include:

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Back-to-School Safety Checklist

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Physical Security Means Staying Safe

Are you ready for back-to-school season? Make sure that part of preparing for the coming school year is to teach children basic back-to-school safety tips. Whether your kids ride the bus or walk to class, use tips offered by industry experts, like a Santa Clara security patrol company, to reinforce and remind children and parents of the hazards outside the home. Read more…

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