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The Need for Physical Security at Data Centers

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Data center personnel often put a major focus on protection from data hacks, and with good reason: Those attacks can be devastating. But people can just as easily attack data centers by gaining physical access to steal or vandalize property, including hardware with valuable data on it. It’s important for data centers to have ample physical security, and this post from our Santa Cruz security company details why.

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How To Improve Parking Structure Security

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If you own a local business, do not overlook the importance of parking structure security. Keep those visiting your location with parking lot security solutions that include Bay Area security professionals. Parking lots and garages are a hotspot when it comes to crime and victimization; keep your customers and staff- as well as their property and vehicles- as safe outside your establishment as if they were inside your building. With the right systems in place, you can ensure that your guests are comfortable and secure when they enter and leave your property.

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Small Business Crime Prevention

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Crime usually costs businesses millions of dollars every year. Crime can be incredibly devastating for small businesses who lose both the employees and customers when a crime occurs. Here we discuss the common responses small business owners have when falling victim of a crime, and what can be done to prevent crimes. Read more…

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